CoinLoan Review: Legitimate & Secure in 2021? Everything You Need To Know About CoinLoan

In this article, we will review CoinLoan. CoinLoan is a platform for lending money where you can borrow and trade with cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 and is licensed under the Estonian Financial Authority.

Coinloan offers loans for cryptocurrencies, stablecoin options, and secure cryptocurrency trades. Loans start with an interest rate of 12.3%.

CoinLoan Review: Overview

  • Coinloan gives you the chance to earn daily compound interest on your cryptocurrencies and US Dollars–up to 12.3%. This includes stable coins and FIAT.
  • CoinLoan offers three types of loans, Crypto-to-Fiat Loans, Crypto-to-Crypto Loans, and Fiat-to-Crypto Loans. These loans come with unique features such as no lock-ins in place and flexible repayment schedule and no credit checks.
  • CoinLoan is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending platform.
  • You can buy, sell and swap assets. They also support FIAT transfers through SWIFT, SEPA, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfers, and AdvCash.
  • CoinLoan also offers its own native token CLT.
  • They offer a system that is easy to use and supports Android and iOS.
  • Coinloan is committed to keeping its customers’ data safe and has transparency about its security systems.

CoinLoan Interest Account Review

With CoinLoan, by depositing your funds in the CoinLoan interest account you can earn compound interest.


  • You retain complete control over your funds (never locked), and you can withdraw them whenever you want.
  • A minimum deposit period of one day is required.
  • The interest is always paid in the same currency as the initial deposit.
  • Interest is added to your account every day at 14:00 UTC. On the first day of the month, interest will be credited to your account at 15:00 UTC.
  • The funds you deposit on the CoinLoan platform are used for collateralized loans to fund borrowers, which in turn helps CoinLoan pays you interest.

The interest rates for all supported cryptocurrencies by CoinLoans are shown in the table below. Includes 2% CLT staking reward.

Euro (EUR)
Pound Sterling (GBP)
Tether (USDT)
Paxos Standard (PAX)
Binance USD (BUSD)
Dai (DAI)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Wrapped BTC (WBTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)
ChainLink (LINK)
Ethereum (ETH)
Monero (XMR)
Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Interest Rate (APY)

CoinLoan Borrow Review

CoinLoan provides loans backed by cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat. Loans are approved instantly without credit checks or paperwork since the collateral asset is all that matters. Once you have completed your KYC verification through CoinLoan you will be able to apply for a loan with no delay.

You can have a LTV that is 20% ,35%, 50% or 70%. The lower the LTV, the more collateral fluctuation you will see. You can also increase your collateral amount during an active loan, which will reduce your LTV.

Your collateral is kept safe at the custodian. The interest rates vary, but they are on average between 4.95% – 11.95%.

If you take a loan, the maximum amount is three years. The minimum is one month. The minimum loan amount varies from different assets. There are no limit on the number of loans you can take out. Their dashboard is also very easy to use and you can review your loans under the “My Loans” area.

Coinloan offers the borrower a choice to repay the loan in full or with interest only. The repayment can happen with any kind of cryptocurrency. There is no penalty for early repayment. This means no fines or lock-ins as well!

CoinLoan will email and/or text you in order to remind you about your scheduled repayment. If payment cannot be made automatically, they will liquidate a percentage of the collateral until the debt is repaid.

Immediate Loans Review:


CoinLoan Crypto Exchange Review

The CoinLoan Crypto Exchange gives you the ability to review, buy, sell, and swap assets. And they are very competitive with the other rates that you can find.

You can complete a FIAT transfer in any of the following four ways:

There are four ways to transfer FIAT into your CoinLoan account.

  1. SWIFT (Available globally)
  2. SEPA (For Euro and Eurozone citizens)
  3. Visa and MasterCard (Available globally)
  4. AdvCash (Available globally except the USA)

In addition, CoinLoan also supports USD wire transfers in some countries. Check at CoinLoan.


CoinLoan Token & User Experience Reviews

CoinLoan is backed by CLT, a native token. CoinLoan also offers a platform that is user-friendly, with the ability to review and manage your funds from anywhere over their Android and iOS app.

CoinLoan Review: Security

CoinLoan stores the majority of funds in cold, encrypted wallets. Furthermore, all transactions are processed manually to improve security and optimize use efficiency.

CoinLoan transactions are signed offline on offline devices by several people. The operations performed by Coinloan comply with Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

Coinloan’s assets are stored in BitGo with Lloyds insurance of $100 million.

The encrypted portion of the data is stored in geographically distributed banks’ safe deposit boxes. This safeguards the information against any natural disasters that could effect one or more of these areas on its own, such as fires, floods, earthquakes and various others.

During sign-in, to provide an extra layer of security and protection they use a combination of one-time passwords generated by TOTP.

Their infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to identify any abnormal activity or errors. Additionally, they have their servers unavailable for internet access through safety features that protect them from vulnerabilities. They also offer a bug bounty program to help identify bugs before they become an issue.

CoinLoan Fees Reviews

1.) Deposits

CoinLoan’s deposit rates are transparent. Deposits in cryptocurrencies are free. CoinLoan charges for deposits in the bank card and other traditional payment methods: Visa/MasterCard, SEPA, SWIFT – 2 EUR + 4.2% from the total amount of the deal.

2.) Withdrawals

CoinLoan Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies and FIAT are also FREE.

3.) Liquidation

CoinLoan liquidation fee is 7% of the liquidated loan collateral amount.

4.) Borrowing Fees

CoinLoan charges an interest rate of 1% per month on the principal amount borrowed. Your borrowing fee will be 50% less when you pay with CoinLoan Tokens. The amount remaining after the loan is converted to CLT according to the market value.

CoinLoan Review: Customer Support

You can contact them through their websites and, or for more interactive assistance, visit their Telegram community:

You can also find them on Twitter.

CoinLoan Review: Pros and Cons

– Pros

  1. High-Interest rates
  2. High LTV ratio
  3. Flexible Repayment options
  4. Available Globally
  5. Support FIAT transfers through SWIFT, SEPA, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfers, and AdvCash.
  6. Easy to use on desktop and mobile app.

– Cons

  • Not as well known as other P2P companies in the marketplace.

CoinLoan Review: Conclusion

CoinLoan is a regulated lending platform for cryptocurrency. The instant loans with unique features attract users, and a high LTV ratio with flexible repayment options as well.

In addition, they provide high interest rates for parking your funds and no lock-ins. CoinLoan uses various measures to ensure its platform is fully secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CoinLoan legitimate?

CoinLoan is an Estonian cryptocurrency lending platform licensed by the Estonia Financial Authority. With $100 million in insurance and assets stored safely with BitGo, it’s a secure platform that’s worth considering.

What type of loans does CoinLoan offer?

CoinLoan offers three main products: Crypto-to-Fiat Loans, Crypto-to-Crypto Loans, and Fiat-to-Crypto Loans.

Is it mandatory to complete KYC verification for performing any transaction in CoinLoan?

Yes, CoinLoan is indeed a legitimate service that must comply with strict governmental standards. KYC verification (Know Your Customer) can be done within minutes.

Does CoinLoan support FIAT transfers?

Yes, CoinLoan supports popular fiat methods of transfer such as SWIFT, SEPA, Visa/MasterCard wire transfers and AdvCash.

Does CoinLoan require or perform any credit history checks for loan approval?

CoinLoan offers loans based off of the collateral it holds for you. No credit history checks or paperwork are required.

What Does CoinLoan Offer?



Earn Up to 12.3% a year on your crypto assets. Earns daily and get paid monthly.



Get a loan using your crypto or stable coin. Just requires collateral and you can get it within 24 hours.



Exchange one form of cryptocurrency for another. You can also now deposit USD fiat direct into your account and get USDC converted.

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